Using the Power of the Mind to Lose Weight

The missing link when it comes to permanent weight loss is hacking through the mind and harness the power of the mind to transform the body. To some this may sound like a marketing gimmick. But marketing or not, science forever backs up the truth behind the mind’s ability to influence the body – shape, size and overall physical health.

In developing mental skills to let go of your attachment with food and resilience to emotional overeating and stress eating, one can maintain their ideal weight without having to subscribe to medications and weight loss programs that requires not only thousands of dollars but intake of harmful weight loss formula.

Ask any doctor and you would be told that weight loss done naturally is the healthiest and effectively.

How Your Body Responds to Food

Food is essential, please do not mistaken this article as otherwise promoting that you do not need food and exercise. What this article is all about is to discuss and give you better understanding on how your body responds to food.

Food as you know is the easiest and most convenient way for some people to fill the emotional hunger more than just physical hunger. When you are physically hungry, you have a limit to the amount of food you eat, your mind signals your body to slow down other processes as a sign that energy is being depleted. You eat until you are full and energy is stored.

Emotional hunger is different. It is insatiable, it involves cravings of particular set of food to produce a “high.” Emotional hunger is the precursor to food addiction. When the mental programming begins more dominant, the mind might signal the brain to command your consciousness to look for a particular type of food to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

With your conscious mind being obedient to your unconscious and subconscious programming, your food choices change, your lifestyle affected which results to gaining unwanted weight.

Food cravings and overeating are misguided mindsets. Your body’s response to hunger will not change unless you find a way to collapse the thought patterns carrying the emotional triggers. It is the only way to provide lasting resolution to weight problems.

Naturally and effortlessly you will only respond to physical hunger and can even change your food choices to those that are healthier.

Being Overweight is Not Only a Physical Problem

Overeating or any other type of weight issues has its roots in emotions and mental issues. There is quite a stigma to the term mental issue. Please bear in mind that it is not intended to say that you are crazy. But if you truly want to address your weight issues, you need to be ready to take responsibility of your whole wellbeing, that includes, spiritual, psychological, physical and social.

With psychological and spiritual as the most important aspect because they can directly affect all other areas in your life. In other words, if you take full control of your psychological well-being you are guaranteed to change almost any aspect of your life aligned to positive transformations.

Eutaptics in Overcoming Negative Beliefs About Weight Issues

Eutaptics weight loss specific programs were able to help many people overcome their weight issues and provide lasting resolution using the power of the mind.

It may sound like a new idea to some, but Eutaptics techniques designed to eradicate emotional hunger from surfacing is the most powerful way to achieve your ideal weight.

By shifting your beliefs about food, you can shift your behavior towards.

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  • February 6, 2017