Eutaptics is a Solution to Teach Your Body to Eat Less and Burn Fat

Teach Your Body to Eat Less and Burn Fat. Activate your body’s natural response to losing weight by using Eutaptics weight loss specific techniques. Scientists and medical professionals approve that weight issues have a mental connection, especially for people suffering from eating disorders.

Achieving your ideal body weight does not rely on exercise. A recent study shows that exercise alone won’t make you lose weight. There are so many factors that induce weight loss, and the truth is, most of these factors have to do something with mental programming.


Every type of food that you know is unhealthy but you are drawn into has something to do with your mental perceptions. Your unhealthy eating habits also have roots within the mind. It is about time that you stop blaming food, people around you, your work, time or your exercise routine.

Do not blame yourself as well, but simply accept the fact that scientific studies prove that gaining weight is more of a mental thing than chemical, besides, even if food is packed with a million calories in one bite, it won’t affect you unless you eat it. That is where Eutaptics begins the work, the mind-body connection and responses.

Teaching Your Body to Eat Less

Your body has a certain requirement on the amount of food that you need. It has something to do with your metabolism and your daily activities. Simply put that if you are doing manual labor, you need to eat more. On the other hand, if you are doing less physical activity, you need to eat less. Easier said than done.

Here’s why:

It has something to do with your mental programming. Since you were very little, with the help of the adults who took care of you, your diet was programmed accordingly in the mind. In other words, the habits and choices begins to form from being trained on what to eat and when to eat from a very young age.

That is why you are drawn into certain flavors, textures and types of food that you have “declared” as your choices.

It doesn’t matter if this type of food is healthy or unhealthy, the mind doesn’t know or care because it has been programmed to choose. All it knows is producing a pattern of food choices that you crave, want and perceive as need.

The same thing goes with your eating habits and the amount of food you eat, if you were trained well since you were a kid to eat a pound of bacon, you will be amazing at doing this even as an adult. Chances are, you will also choose bacon or similar tasting food items to bacon over other types of food. Sadly, due to your mental programming, a slice or two will not be enough, it has to be a lot otherwise the craving will continue. This is a way how eating disorders are formed.

It is too late to blame how you were programmed to make conscious food choices or eating patterns. In fact, you can break free from this easily.

Here’s how:

Accept That Your Body is an Expression of the Mind

In accepting this simple phrase, “Your Body is an Expression of the Mind,” you can go a long way in creating positive and healthy life, not just on weight loss but many other aspects of life.

Change your mental programming about food. What Eutaptics actually do is the “mind works.” Since it is a system that understands how eating and other behaviors are stored within the unconscious. It can help an individual change the current mental imprints of eating, food and meal times. In other words, it can reprogram your responses to hunger and give you the freedom to only eat what your body requires.

Imagine collapsing your mental patterns about food that you have held true and valid over the years and come to a point by naturally resisting an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. That is what Eutaptics does.

mp3-800-final-576x576Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind (6 MP3’s)

Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind and Reprogramming Your Brain. This audio seminar is divided into 6 easy-to-listen – a total of 10 hours of training (value $169.00). This Eutaptics presentation by Robert Smith addresses the real cause of weight gain – it’s not the food, it’s the mind and if you change the mind the pounds will drop away. Download here!

Exercise is Great! No Doubt We Need It

But if exercising is perceived by the mind as a chore and not a healthy routine, it just won’t work. Even the very act of exercising has to have foundations in the mind to be perceived as calorie burner. You can activate this power to change the effects of exercise by building a new structure of thoughts about it using Eutaptics Techniques. It is changing the program on how the body responds to exercise.

In short, in application of Eutaptics techniques, you can allow your mind to create new way of understanding exercising, food and diet. Because of this, the body naturally follows.

Achieve your ideal body weight and shape today through Eutaptics weight loss specific techniques.

Be Slimmer Stay Slim (Online Workshop)

Be Slimmer Stay Slim (Online Workshop)“Be Slimmer Stay Slim” is our advanced weight loss workshop. It contains almost 25 hours of weight-loss specific video training presented by Robert Smith to help you Be Slimmer and Stay Slim. You will learn how to use the Eutaptics tapping style to break the emotional connections with food that cause over-eating, comfort-eating and food addictions.

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  • November 22, 2016