Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder

In Eutaptics binge eating disorder isn’t really viewed as a “disorder” but a form of coping skill. Almost everyone, even those with very strict dietary plan overeats from time to time. However, if you catch yourself overeat and feel powerless to control the urges, then it has to be addressed, there is a high chance that you are going through binge eating disorder.

Most people suffering from eating disorders are struggling to release a piled-up negative emotion. The irony is that most binge eaters would worry and feel guilty about compulsive eating and its effects on their weight but cannot find control. In the end, they further blame themselves for being unable to resist.

If the above sounds familiar, then you can begin to learn how to break free from binge eating disorders today through self-application of practical Eutaptics weight loss specific techniques.

Understanding Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder is commonly characterized by recurrent uncontrollable cravings that results to binge eating of particular type of food. Moreover, a person who feels extremely negative or upset during times of overeating is probably suffering from this disorder. While the person feels so guilty about overeating, there is little to no attempt to immediately “make-up” for the overeating episode.

During binge eating, a person can go through long periods of eating even if not hungry or even long after being full. Moreover, when binge eating a person goes through a form of “trance” that eating may be done so fast without being fully mindful of the eating.

Often binge eaters are not able to really taste or the mind does not pay attention to the flavor, it is only the action of eating that matters.

Binge eating, like any other form of avoidance behavior can be comforting for the individual. However, as reality sets in, the person will feel so much regret and self-loathing and give arousal to other negative emotions directed to self.

But in this disorder, even if there is noticeable regret and disagreement about own physical shape and size, food is still used to cope. It feels like a looped problem and there is no way out.

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Binge Eating as Part of Coping and Defense Mechanism

When a person experience negative emotions, or goes through a traumatic experience, the mind automatically find ways to cope. For some people, they turn to healthier habits to cope. While that sounds appealing and wise, not everybody is equipped with such coping skill.

Most people turn to food to avoid inner confrontations of actual issues at hand. In cases of binge eaters who doesn’t get help immediately this type of eating becomes part of regular living and force of habit strengthens this mental structure to avoid anything that is a reminder of pain, hurt, frustration, grief, loss, etc.

Because binge eating is a part of coping skills, that also means that the affected area of the mind is not within the conscious state, but more with the unconscious or automatic responses. It then becomes hard for a person to recover because they feel they don’t have access to this part of the mind where the source of our behaviors, both negative and positive is found.

But it isn’t so. Eutaptics is a mental healing system with focus on the subconscious and unconscious. The processes involved in Faster EFT are easy to apply yet highly effective. In cases of binge eating, it will help you find that imprint or memory within the mind with the highest frequency that fuels binge eating.

This is considered to be the source of your problem. Without the emotions attributed to a particular memory, it will not have a direct effect on behavior or body responses.

What is best done upon identifying that source is to collapse the structure of binge eating that forms from it. In other words, it allows you to finally deal with the issue that you may be avoiding unconsciously. Reimprinting new version of the memory that is borrowed from your own happy states will change the whole way binge eating plays out in your life.

Because Eutaptics is a highly effective weight loss system, it can give you freedom and achieve the weight and shape you wish to achieve. The best part is that it equips you with knowledge and techniques that allows you keep the results for as long as you want.

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  • December 6, 2016