Eutaptics Weight Loss Hacks That Makes Food Feel Right

The diet problems most people face has everything to do with food. And Eutaptics Weight Loss Programs insists it has nothing to do with food. What it really is all about is changing mindsets so that eating and food feels right.

Before we give you the 3 Eutaptics weight loss hacks, let us first discuss where gaining weight originates. For a moment imagine a moist very delicious big slice of chocolate cake next to you, as it sits on the plate next to you and knowing how many kilocalories it has, does it make you fat?

It doesn’t! As long as it is on the plate, it wouldn’t affect your weight. As long as you do not take action to consume the cake it is not any way going to affect your weight. That’s an undeniable fact.

Faster EFT Weight Loss Hacks That Makes Food Feel Right

There is no way that the calories can get into your digestive system and turned into energy and fat unless you make it happen.

With this fact in between you and the chocolate cake, it makes it easier to accept that the problem is in your mindset. Not the calories in the cake, not the ingredients and certainly not the chemicals within the cake.

Let us extend it a little bit further, it is also not the bakers fault for knowing how to bake a very delicious cake. Accept the fact that it is all within your mind that triggers the action of eating the chocolate cake.

It is not to say that it is your fault. It is not your mind’s fault either. You are here today to accept the facts that lies within your mental programming and not find faults. This is the easiest and best way to address weight issues, regardless what type of food you think makes you fat, or if it is the generally all types of food but overeating is your thing.

This missing, misunderstood or misaligned link between you and over- or unhealthy eating is where Eutaptics weight loss specific techniques are all about. Not to make you stop eating, that would be ridiculous, but to train your mind to choose healthier food that makes eating feel right.

1. Address that issue that makes you crave?

Craving has its roots in the mind. Emotional hunger is very different from physical hunger. In other words, when you are physically hungry, any type of food will be interpreted by the mind as “source of energy” regardless if its meat, vegetables, fruit, poultry or dairy, it is food and it is needed.

However, emotional hunger makes you crave for a very particular type of food, with a very particular flavor, texture and smell, sometimes even a particular setting or ambience.

It is critical to understand the difference between the two, because most people who embarks on a weight loss journey do not really understand the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

Emotional hunger uses food as a way to escape an emotional gap caused by strong attachment to a person, place or thing. This structure of mental pattern is the forerunner to almost every kind of food addiction, whether mild, moderate or severe.

How Eutaptics can solve this issue?

Robert G. Smith created Eutaptics weight loss techniques with very strong knowledge on how this mental structures creates links of thoughts causing behaviors. Through the weight loss specific techniques, you can learn how to “tap” your way out of craving and no longer use craving for a particular food to escape an emotional gap that you are trying to fill.

It is a way of reimprinting new memories within the circuit that evokes overeating or unhealthy diet. A sure way to make food feel right.

2.  Collapse your long-standing beliefs about food and eating

You are well trained by the culture you are into, the family you grew up with or the race you belong to into a belief system about food. This belief system you have created within your head is of course created by yourself with influence from your environment.

Like, you shouldn’t stop eating unless all the food in your plate is finished. You should eat a full meal with the family even you already had an early dinner on your way home.

Now that you understand that those belief systems that made you an obedient child is no longer contributing to your health; you can start collapsing them. Easier said than done of course because everyone who embarks on a weight loss journey feels like this is an integral part of who they are.

What happens is, they build their weight loss routines and new beliefs around this long-standing belief system. The end result? Failure to achieve desired weight. Not simply failing but with a lengthy list of complaints on how hard it is to achieve. Loss of motivation, making excuses or simply giving up because it is impossible.

The reason for failing is because without building a better structure of mental patterns and collapsing the old structure it is impossible for the mind to conceive weight loss as natural. The mind will automatically build a wall to discourage new beliefs built around what it considers “safe”, “real” and “true.”

The fix? Eutaptics weight loss techniques has a way of collapsing the old structure of beliefs and introduce a new one without making the mind feel invaded. In other words, it can shift your mindset not like a tire-squealing left turn but just drifting to a new lane. This way the mind will naturally adapt to the new belief system naturally. The end result, a person will have conscious healthy choices naturally.

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3. Install a leadership mindset

Most people who wish to lose weight usually fall into subscribing to a personal trainer, nutrition coach and other weight loss program trainers. It seems natural for humans to need a leader to make changes in their life, especially in losing weight.

Otherwise, the mind just feels comfortable into thinking everything is healthy depending on what it holds valid and true within the unconscious. The funny thing about this mindset is that, we instinctively knew what was healthy yet we need someone to command us to do it.

There is no other person in this planet who instinctively knows what is right for you, than you! That is also the precursor why you are willing to hire a personal trainer in the first place, but what you lack isn’t the power to know, but the power to lead yourself to a new diet routine or lifestyle.

Although there is nothing wrong with personal weight loss and fitness coaches. The problem arises when the follower becomes tired of following. It happens most of the time because the mind automatically build negative structures upon receiving commands. The mind at some point wants to gain power over itself and the body. There has to be a good mix between following and leading.

This is what Eutaptics weight loss specific techniques and programs are all about. Install a leadership mindset so that you do not need another person to command your choices but naturally have healthier lifestyle and choices.

It can collapse the fear of leading your own life and make food feel right, make your lifestyle feel right and in alignment to your other activities and responsibilities.


The Eutaptics weight loss programs by Robert G. Smith will teach you the concept of feel, how emotions play as a forerunner to evoking thoughts and ideas about food. This is very different from how you understand the concept of feelings and emotions, it is deeper. Eutaptics is known as the only mind healing system with the ability to train the mind into choosing a healthy life, weight loss being one of them.

Eating healthy and exercise should not feel like a chore, most weight loss programs forget to address the real issue. Mindset! –  and that is what Eutaptics will teach to shift.

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  • November 23, 2016