Eutaptics Tips to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

It seems that the festivities during the holidays always comes with the temptation to overeat. Well, in the real sense, not just overeat but it’s easier to be carried away eating calorie packed foods.

As the holidays become more of a cultural celebration and not a religious festivity, whatever your background, the season seems to make it easier to break healthy diet. Furthermore, it is easy to use the celebrations as an excuse to overeat. But is it really necessary?

For emotional overeaters and those with sweet tooth this is the season to really go all out on their attachment with food using the season as an excuse to eat and eat and eat. Then when the new year arrives, blame the food, the holidays and the parties.

When in reality, it wasn’t the fault of food, the parties and holidays. The problem relies on how you think about food and the comfort it brings you.

This is the initial step to cut holiday overeating, to recognize that you do have a problem when the idea of food comes to mind. How you are drawn to unhealthy food choices and eating habits has got a lot to do with how your mind works.

So hopefully this coming holidays, you’d stop blaming the food and stop blaming yourself and focus more on how to gain control of your eating.

Thousands of people are convinced that there is no other way to be slimmer and stay slim but with Eutaptics weight loss specific programs.

The following are practical Eutaptics tips on how you can cut overeating this coming holidays:

1. Do some mental and emotional investigation

There has to be a link between you and overeating. This is the primary step in addressing weight issues or emotional overeating. Otherwise you will not be attached with food. If you take a moment to investigate within your mind and find those thoughts about food that are charged with intense emotions, you will be guided to the source.

This is the amazing thing about Eutaptics, it works with almost any life problem, overeating is among the common problems it works best on. In finding that mental source why you are drawn to specific types of food or unhealthy eating patterns, you have a chance to collapse those thought structures and build something better.

In other words, if you change your eating program in the mind, actions and habits will follow.

Often, emotional overeating is the mind’s way of coping. Turning to food to fill the void within our emotions and use it as a temporary escape. A good mental and emotional investigation will definitely keep not only your calories in check but also your mental health.

2. Address the hunger and collapse the emotions

This simply means that you need to be more aware what physical hunger is and what emotional hunger is. Emotional hunger is never satisfied, it is a never-ending temporary “escape” used by the mind to avoid a negative emotion.

In other words, it keeps the mind busy as it keeps the mouth and the stomach busy. This is not healthy in so many ways. The habit can form mental and emotional patterns that becomes so strong that it may be always be used by the mind to escape any situation that evokes stress.

There is no resolution to negative emotions doing this, it only makes it worse. Eat when you are hungry and satisfy physical hunger and not emotional hunger.

Eutaptics memory reimprinting is a technique that you can use to help you collapse and reimprint memories causing you to be attached to food and unnecessary eating. Your diet has a lot to do with how the mind works and to really address weight issues, those memories giving rise to negative emotions that provokes you to binge on food has to reimprinted.

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3. Tap the idea of overeating right away

If you are invited over by someone that you know is a great cook and you cannot say no. Gain back your power by using the Eutaptics Tapping style to get rid of urge to overeat. You can eat only as your body requires and the tapping process can help you regain control over your diet.

The body is trainable, the capacity of your stomach is trainable, but all of them are obedient to the mind. It is best you deal with the issues within the mind first.

4. Outsmart stress

Becoming too stressed this coming holidays might result to stress-eating, by the time the new year arrive you might welcome it with a few extra pounds added to the scale. Outsmart stress by giving yourself regular timeouts. The holidays can become so busy that you might forget some alone time.

Do not overload yourself with unrealistic expectations and also learn to say no to some parties that you think will take over your alone time.

5. Seek help if necessary

If the holidays are causing you anxiety and depression. This might be symptoms of a greater problem. If you notice that overeating during the holidays is just an excuse for you to hide some emotions or thoughts that you wish to avoid, get some professional help from a Eutaptics Practitioner and be guided on how you can collapse this mental structure and enjoy the holidays.

Being overweight is not a problem but rather it’s a success.

In order to be overweight, you’ve got to do all the right things to put the weight on and to keep it on. You’ve got to love food. You’ve got to have emotional connection with food. You’ve got to eat when you’re not hungry. You must clean your plate, see food as sacred, never throw it away, clean, reward or punish yourself, it’s entertainment, use weight to cover your body, ignore all body signals of hunger then eat when you see, hear and smell food. It’s the guarantee that you’ll keep on the weight.

Dieting is the number one way to gain weight when it is all said and done. If weight were the problem you only needed to lose it once but rather it’s a symptom to something else.

If you want to lose weight, it starts right in your head by developing a better relationship with yourself, change the programs your are using to put on the weight and develop better coping skills.

We know you are not broken and there is nothing is wrong with you but rather you’re producing something really big and you can create something else that is more beneficial.” – Robert G. Smith

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  • December 1, 2016