Eutaptics Helps in Stopping Food Cravings

Stop Food Cravings with FasterEFT

Eutaptics Helps in Stopping Food Cravings. Whether your weakness is chocolate, potato chips, pizza or fizzy drinks, you can stop food cravings quickly and painlessly using the Eutaptics technique. Just like all other problems, your food cravings are caused by records held in your subconscious. These records cause the subconscious to trigger your body to respond with a craving because it believes that food is essential to your getting what you need.

The great news is: you no longer need to try to use your will power to resist the food you love. You’re going to change the original record that causes you to crave that food in the first place. The result will be a healthy relationship with that food. You may or may not still choose to eat it – but your choice will be conscious and in alignment with what you really want. If you want to know what happens to the brain with Eutaptics, click here.

Stop Food Cravings with FasterEFT

Instead of being a slave to your craving, you will be able to choose to not eat that food if you have decided it’s not good for you; or to have just a small portion of it if you choose to eat it. The important point is that you will be in full control of what you eat and how much of it you eat rather than fighting the cravings in your body.

How to use Eutaptics to Stop Food Cravings

Start by noticing how you know you crave that food. Where do you feel it in your body? Notice what the sensation feels like, and how strong it is. Then, use the Eutaptics tapping technique to address that feeling. When you think about the food, what is it about it that you love so much? What does it taste like, and what do you love about the taste? Tap on that taste until it changes in your mind when you think about the food – tap until you can no longer taste it in your mind.

Notice the smell of that food in your mind when you think about it. How does it smell? What do you remember about that smell? Now, tap on that smell until it changes to where you can no longer smell it. Notice whatever else you notice about the food – is there a texture you like, for example. Again, tap on that until you no longer feel it in your mind when you imagine eating that food. Unravel the truth and science behind why Eutaptics works.

The Connection that Causes Food Cravings

As you go through the process, notice if any memories come up. What is your earliest memory of eating that food? If you have a memory, tap on that as well. Cravings for specific foods are often linked to early memories of love connected with that food.

For example, you may have been given potato chips each time you visited your grandmother; and perhaps you felt loved while you were with her. Your subconscious may have then connected the chips with love. This will mean that your subconscious is triggering your body to crave chips because there is a belief that they bring love. Naturally, your conscious mind doesn’t believe this; and you will probably be completely unaware of the connection consciously.

So, while you think you are addicted to the chips, the truth is, it is simply a connection in the subconscious between chips and love. Change that connection, and the cravings disappear. When you tap on a memory like this, feel the love from your grandmother (or whoever it is you felt it from at the time), and send that love back to her. Feel that love between you and her. Notice it has nothing to do with the chips – the chips can’t love. The love comes directly from the person. Fill them with the same love. Then address what you love about the chips and tap out all aspects of that – the taste, the texture, the smell etc.

Being able to successfully stop food cravings – with lasting effect – means addressing what is causing the cravings, not the cravings themselves. Don’t forget to join us in Twitter and never miss an update.

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Use the Eutaptics Technique correctly to successfully get rid of food cravings.
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  • October 20, 2016